domingo, 15 de dezembro de 2013

Is love a social construct?

Só os Pet Shop Boys o poderiam ter feito. Misturar, em delírio mixológico, elementos de uma peça de Michael Nyman (que já remetia para a música de Purcell) com a Sociologia das Emoções é obra. É isto a aventura da Pop! É isto a canção pop transmudada em pequeno ensaio sociológico. É isto Love Is A Bourgeois Construct? Alguns acham que sim.

While the bankers all get their bonuses
I'll just get along with what I've got
Watching the weeds in the garden
Putting my feet up a lot
I'll explore the outer limits of boredom
moaning periodically
Just a full-time, lonely layabout
that's me

When you walked out you did me a favour
It's absolutely clear to me
that love is a bourgeois construct
just like they said at university
I'll be taking my time for a long time
with all the schadenfreude it's cost
calculating what you've lost

Now I'm digging through my student paperbacks
Flicking through Karl Marx again
Searching for the soul of England
Drinking tea like Tony Benn
Love is just a bourgeois construct
so I'm giving up the bourgeoisie

until you come back to me

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